5 Minute Meal Makeovers

Have you ever started out your week with the best intentions of eating healthier but had the realities of life get in the way? If setting and maintaining healthy habits was simple, we would not struggle with it so much. The realities of limited time, picky eaters and tight budgets create challenges for all of us. Why not build healthy meals around these challenges? Click the links below to find healthy meal makeovers for family favorites that take no more than 5 minutes and a dollar or two.

Download all three makeovers

Christine Hradek, MPH
Social Marketing Coordinator
Iowa Department of Public Health

2 Great Recipe Websites

When you are looking for an easy, low cost, nutritious recipe, I hope you browse our SpendSmart.Eat Smart recipe site.  If you cannot find what you are looking for consider trying these two sites: foodhero.com and http://www.quickhealthyrecipes.msstate.edu/index.php.  They are both sponsored by other land-grant universities, whose purpose like ISU Extension, is to turn university research into learning opportunities.

The Food Hero site from Oregon State University Extension provides fast and affordable recipes along with fun tips.  If you sign up for a free membership, you can save your favorite recipes, tailor them for the number of people in your family, and create a custom shopping list.  You can also watch before and after videos of a family who is challenged to include more fruits and vegetables into their family meals.

Quick and Healthy Recipes from Families, Food & Fitness is part of Cooperative Extensions Families, Food and Fitness, a network of land grant universities across America. This site provides many resources to help you eat more fruits and vegetables, move more, prepare more meals at home, right size your portions and tame the tube.

An advanced search function helps you search for recipes based on meal type, season, low-fat, low sodium; low calorie, quick and easy and kid-friendly, title, ingredient, cook time/prep time, and rating.

~ Pointers from Peggy

MyPyramid Changes to MyPlate

Last week MyPyramid changed to MyPlate.

Dietitians and nutrition educators have been waiting for months for a new icon.  We knew there was going to be a change, but the details were kept top secret.  The new icon has a simple, but important message, we need foods from all five food groups at our meals AND half our plate should be fruits and vegetables.  Unlike the MyPyramid icon that tried to convey many specific messages, this new icon is just supposed to remind us about healthy eating.   Stay tuned as nutrition educators get innovative about how to use the new logo for breakfast and snacks as well as for meals.

There are lots of interesting programs on the ChooseMyPlate web site.  You can find interactive tools to analyze your diet and exercise, plan your diet, plan your child’s diet, and compare calories and nutrition between two foods.   Many of these activities will be rolled over to a new website planned to debut this fall.

New on the ChooseMyPlate site is a series called Ten Tips.  This consists of 14 different topics each with 10 tips/suggestions for changes you can make to be healthier.

Pointers by Peggy

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