Tame Holiday Calories

Holiday special events are a time when families and friends gather and celebrate.  Often the celebrations center around holiday treats. Try these tips to enjoy holiday foods without adding pounds.

  • Don’t go to a party hungry. When we’re hungry, we tend to overeat. Eating a healthy snack before you go may take the edge off your appetite.
  • Take your own platter. If it’s a potluck event, take a fresh fruit or vegetable tray with low-fat dip or a cheese tray with reduced fat cheeses and whole grain crackers. More than likely you aren‘t the only one who wants to stay healthy during the holidays.
  • Limit high-fat foods. High-fat foods include fried or cheese-filled items, pastries, processed meats, and cream-based dishes. Store high-calorie foods out of sight. Keep healthy snacks on hand such as fruit, cut-up veggies, and whole grain crackers.
  • Watch portions. Enjoy your holiday favorites, just eat less of them. Aim for smaller portions. The first bite introduces the flavor and texture of a food, but will likely taste the same as the last bite. Remember, moderation!
  • Survey your options. At a buffet, survey the table before getting in line to choose foods. Select a smaller plate and a variety of foods. Reduce temptation by choosing a seat well away from the buffet table.
  • Eat slowly and enjoy your food. Return your fork to the plate after each bite, and chew slowly to enjoy the flavor and texture of the food.
  • Drink water. Stay well hydrated. For a change, drink sparkling water or add a sugar-free flavoring pouch.
  • Limit Alcohol. Alcohol provides extra calories. If you drink, limit the amount.

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