Be Active, Indoors or Out!

Don’t ignore physical activity during the holidays. Activity helps reduce feelings of stress and can give you extra energy.  Even in cold snowy weather, you can bundle up and enjoy a winter walk or other calorie-burning activities such as sledding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and snow shoeing.

If cold, snowy weather doesn’t motivate you to enjoy outdoor activities, winter is still a great time to try indoor physical activities:

  • Go to the gym or recreation center
  • Pop in an exercise video, or an active video game (e.g., Wii®)
  • Set up an activity tournament with competitions: Who can do the most jumping jacks in one minute? Who can jump on one leg the longest without falling over? Who can do the most push-ups? Play follow-the-leader throughout the house to your favorite music. Brainstorm other ideas for an indoor activity tournament.

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