Keeping Active When It Is Cold Outside

Family WalkBeing physically active can sometimes be a challenge when it is cold outside.  However, children still need 60 minutes or more and adults need 30 minutes or more daily of moderate physical activity.  Here are some tips to keep you and your family active when it is cold outside.

  1. Dress in layers and head outside for a family walk.
  2. Go sledding.
  3. Build a snowman.
  4. Try cross-country skiing.
  5. Turn on the music and dance!
  6. Check with your local park and recreation centers for organized indoor sports such as basketball.  They often have leagues for both children and adults.
  7. Choose an exergaming video game like Wii® Fit or Dance Dance Revolution
  8. Go to an indoor pool and swim laps.
  9. Check with the local school to see if it offers open gym in the evenings or on the weekends when community members can play basketball, walk, or participate in other active games.
  10. Limit TV and computer sedentary time to two hours or less daily.

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