July Brings New Food Preservation Program

Preserve the Taste of Summer is now being offered by Iowa State University Extension Nutrition and Health program specialists. This comprehensive program includes both online lessons and hands on workshops. The program is a great opportunity for anyone age 18 years or older interested in learning safe food preservation techniques. Youth age 17 years and younger are welcome to participate but will need a parent or guardian also in attendance.

First, complete both online general overview sessions and any online method-specific sessions, if you are interested in further information.

General overview sessions include:

  • food safety
  • canning basics

Method-specific lessons include:

  • canning acid foods
  • pressure canning low-acid foods
  • preparation and canning of pickled and fermented foods
  • making and preserving fruit spreads
  • freezing food, storage of frozen and refrigerated foods
  • drying foods

Each regionally-based workshop will begin with a brief review of information presented in the overview lesson.

The anticipated workshops are:

  1. hot water bath canning (salsa making) and freezing
  2. jams and dehydrating
  3. pickle making
  4. pressure canning

Contact your local Extension office and ask for the nutrition and health program specialist for more information.

One thought on “July Brings New Food Preservation Program

  1. A valuable topic that is not well understood……….now. With the advent of further processed foods, changes in diets and even courses at the dinner table, the art of preserving food has languished – so it is good to see such course. Very good for people who want to be a little less reliant on mainstream processed food.

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