Time to S-T-R-E-T-C-H

Cats do it, and it’s good for people, too! Stretching is good anytime, but especially…stretch

  • First thing in the morning—wake up your muscles
  • After sitting or standing—relieve muscle tension and work out the kinks
  • Before exercise—reduce the risk of joint and muscle injury
  • After exercise—prevent muscle shortening and tightening; improve flexibility
  • During or after driving—improve your alertness
  • When you feel tense or stiff—relax your mind, reduce your stress level, and
    promote circulation throughout the body

Remember these guidelines when stretching—focus on slow, smooth movements; remember to breathe; hold a stretch for 8 to 10 seconds; move only as far as you can without experiencing discomfort (stop if you feel pain). Bouncing to stretch farther can cause injury; remember that frequent stretching is more important than trying to stretch so far that it hurts.

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