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Gardening Counts as Physical Activity

August 20, 2013

mowingGardening is a great way not only to enjoy some fresh air and grow your own vegetables and fruits, but also to get some exercise.

Gardening activities—such as pulling weeds, removing rocks, trimming shrubs, digging, planting, and raking—require you to expend energy (burn calories). Physical activity can help strengthen bones and joints, lower blood pressure, and help manage stress.

Gardening is a fun, creative, and healthy activity with positive health benefits.

(30 minutes for 150 lb person)
Energy Expenditure
Digging/pulling weeds, removing rocks 200-250 kcal
Trimming trees and shrubs 150-170 kcal
Mowing (using push reel mowers) 200-230 kcal
Raking 120-150 kcal
Walking (slow to fast) 150-230 kcal

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