“Instant Pot” might help you eat healthier

bowl of chili

The electric programmable pressure cooker, popularly known as the “Instant Pot” or “Insta-Pot,” has become a best-selling kitchen appliance.

Like a pressure cooker used on stovetops, it can cook beans and whole grains quickly as well as tenderize tough cuts of meat. Unlike a traditional pressure cooker, though, you don’t have to watch this pot. Just program it—then walk away.

The Insta-Pot does not cook all dishes equally well. Its moist heat is great for stews and pork shoulders, for example, but not for making chicken legs crisp. Still, if you believe that shorter cooking times would motivate you to make more meals at home, the Insta-Pot could be one way to improve your diet. Studies show that meals made at home are likely to be more nutritious (and lower cost!) than processed foods or restaurant meals.

Before you buy, however, be sure to read independent product reviews to get the right brand for you. Learn more about choosing an electric pressure cooker.

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