Gear Up for Biking

Bicycling is a great way to be physically active and improve mental health. Health benefits include stronger muscles, better coordination and mobility, reduced body fat, and lower stress. Bicycling is a lower-impact activity compared to running and causes less stress to feet, knees, and hips.

Bicycling is versatile. It can be enjoyed alone, with a small group, or as part of big bicycling events like RAGBRAI. Bicycling can be a way to save money on gasoline costs, as a fun way to enjoy an adventure, or as a thrilling way to enjoy competitions such as the Iowa Games or Special Olympics.

Be safe when biking. Always wear a helmet. Use bike paths and lanes when available. Obey traffic rules. Be careful around cars. Do not let distractions like loud music or alcohol put you in danger.

Stay safe, have fun, and get pedaling!

For more information on the health benefits of bicycling, visit the Harvard School of Public Health,, and for more information about bicycling in Iowa, visit the Iowa Department of Transportation website,

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