Pushing the Pedal

bikersYou hear about “going green” in your daily life and reducing your carbon footprint. One way for you to get a little greener is to ride a bike. May is National Bike Month. This is a great excuse to get off your couch or from behind the wheels of your car and enjoy the thrill and fun of riding a bike.

Cycling isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for you. Casual pedaling burns about 500 calories per hour (for a 150-pound person), all while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine of spring and making some extra Vitamin D for your bones.

Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet, adjust the bicycle to fit, check the tires and brakes, and be sure to wear white or bright colored clothing so other riders and drivers can see you while having fun this summer on your bike.

Get the whole family involved and ride this May.

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