Stretching Your Food Dollar

Rising food costs have shoppers thinking of new ways to stretch their dollars. Consider these money-saving tips from SpendSmart. EatSmart®:

  • Prepare more than one meal. Save some for leftovers or to freeze for another date.
  • Substitute some or all the meat in a recipe with beans or lentils to save money while increasing fiber in the diet.
  • Repurpose foods. For example, after they are ripe, refrigerate bananas to keep them edible for up to two weeks. Or freeze them to use in a smoothie later.
  • Download the FoodKeeper app or use the Food Safety website,, to discover the best ways to store foods to avoid food waste.
  • Check out the Unit Pricing Calculator, This calculator gives you a product’s price per ounce so that you can compare the cost of products of different sizes.