Tracking Food Costs

Costs are up! Consider tracking food expenses to learn where your money is going. Use an online app or the old-fashioned pen and paper.

  1. Keep receipts or write down all costs of food and beverages you buy. Include grocery stores, restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, and school lunch.
  2. Organize and total receipts by location at the end of the month.
  3. Look at how much you spent at each location.
    • Does anything surprise you?
    • Do you eat out more than you expected?
    • Can you share dinners with friends instead of eating out?
    • Do you need to learn new skills or recipes to make eating at home more fun?
    • Can you bring food from home instead of buying it away from home?

Start small and make one change each month. In time, the change will add up to big savings.

Source: Spend Smart. Eat Smart.,