Stay Active Without Breaking the Bank

There are several ways to exercise and stay active. Many people think they must spend a lot of money on exercise programs or special equipment. Here are some ways to get active without spending money.

  • Check out the physical activity videos on the Spend Smart Eat Smart website,
  • Walk more. Aim for 30 minutes daily.
  • Play with your kids or pets. Keeping up with their unlimited energy is a good workout.
  • Clean your house, wash the car or mow the lawn.
  • Use free local workouts. Check your community calendar for free or reduced priced classes.
  • Dance! One can burn lots of calories in a short period of time.

Physical activity is vital to overall health. Get active and start feeling better today.


Save Money, Eat Well

woman grocery store shopping produceWhen grocery prices go up, it may not seem possible to eat healthy foods while on a budget. However, eating healthy on a budget is possible when following a few tips.

Five tips to save money while eating nutritiously:

  1. Look for deals and plan your meals! Plan your meals around weekly ad specials and what you have on hand in the refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards.
  2. Buy in season. Seasonal produce often costs less and has better taste. Visit to find out which foods are in season.
  3. Schedule a day to cook. Cook large batches of your favorite recipes to portion out and freeze for quick-fix meals throughout the week. For easy recipes to freeze, order the cookbook Healthy in a Hurry—14 Main Dishes for Now or Later from the ISU Extension Online Store (
  4. Get creative. Make it a game with leftovers to find ways to incorporate them into meals and snacks before they are no longer safe to eat. Use fruit in smoothies, put leftover vegetables in pasta, or use leftover meat in a stir fry.
  5. Shop smart. Check the unit price on items and compare brands to get the best value. Use unit prices to not only compare brands and product sizes but also to compare forms of a food like fresh, frozen, and canned. Visit the ISU Extension and Outreach Spend Smart. Eat Smart. website ( for more information on unit prices.

Source: Choose My Plate Tip Sheet: Eating Better on a Budget,

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