Have a Happy Food-safe Holiday Season

Slow cookerHoliday season is right around the corner. Finding time-saving ways to have home-cooked meals is important when our schedules are full. Slow cookers help us save time but offer home-cooked meals.

Follow these slow-cooker food safety tips:
• Use slow-cooker recipes that include a liquid.
• Ensure that internal temperature of the food prepared reaches 160°F.
• Thaw ingredients like meat and poultry before cooking them in the slow cooker.
• Vegetables take longer to cook, so give them a head start before adding the Meat thermometermeat.
• If reheating, the contents must reach a temperature of 165°F, then they can be kept warm in the slow cooker at 140°F for serving.

Food Safety and Inspection Service
Iowa State University Extension and Outreach


Is Your Thermometer Ready?

As the holiday season approaches, many experts will tell you to check the temperature of some foods to make sure they are safe to eat. But how do you know your thermometer is telling the truth?

  1. Fill a large glass with crushed ice. Add water until the glass is full and stir.
  2. Place your thermometer or probe stem into the ice water so that the sensing area is completely submerged for 30 seconds. Note:  Do not let the stem touch the bottom or sides of the glass.
  3. Hold the adjusting nut securely with a wrench or other tool and rotate the head of the thermometer until it reads 32°F.


It’s that time again…time for holiday food safety questions! Check out these reliable sources for answers to your questions:


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