A New Face for Spend Smart. Eat Smart.

sses1-web-new-lookYou can choose healthy foods and stick to your budget—Iowa State University Extension and Outreach’s Spend Smart. Eat Smart. website is here to help!

Spend Smart. Eat Smart. has helped shoppers save money and make healthy choices for more than seven years. We are proud to announce a brand new design for the website that is more modern, simpler to navigate, and functional on all your devices.

Whether your goal is to eat healthier, plan your family’s meals, or save money at the grocery store, you can find tools to make it easier on Spend Smart. Eat Smart. The website is home to the following:

  • More than 150 recipes that are delicious, inexpensive, and easy to prepare
  • How-to videos featuring recipes, kitchen organization tips, and basic food-prep techniques
  • Strategies for saving money in each part of the grocery store
  • Meal-planning templates and resources

Visit the website, spendsmart.extension.iastate.edu, today to connect with us through our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

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