How to Store Wine to Get the Best of It

Contributed by Aude Watrelot, PhD

Did you know Iowa has 98 wineries? Whether you enjoy a glass of Iowa wine or that of another location, how you store and serve wine impacts the flavors and overall enjoyment. Chill sparkling wine, white wine, and a rosé wine between 50°F and 54°F before being opened. Store reds at cool/room temperature to reduce the burning sensation of alcohol that can be perceived if the wine is too warm. Storing red wines in a cold room (less than 50°F) could make it seem more bitter and acidic.

Once you have opened a bottle of wine, make sure to follow these guidelines for maintaining the quality.

  1. Remove the air from the bottle before storing by using an air pump or by replacing the air with inert gas. Too much oxygen can cause the open wine to start getting a nutty, bruised apple smell and a brown color.
  2. Refrigerate white and rosé wine and store red wine in a cool room. Sometimes refrigerated wine will have some crystals at the bottom of the bottle. These are not harmful for consumption. They’re just due to the colder temperature.
  3. Follow these storage times after opening:
    -Sparkling wine—up to three days
    -White wine or rosé wine—up to five days
    -Red wines—up to seven days
    -Fortified wines like port or sherry—up to 4 weeks

Remember, alcohol should be consumed in moderation and only by adults ages 21 years and older. Visit
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