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Pickled Corn Relish

pickled 3-bean saladCorn will soon be plentiful in both the farmers markets and our gardens.  We used to freeze a LOT of corn when our kids were young; now we tend to enjoy it fresh from the garden.  Sometimes it is fun to experiment with new recipes.  You may want to try this one for Pickled Corn Relish that our friends at the National Center for Home Food Preservation have included on their website. It has a nice combination of garden vegetables and a tangy flavor.  Enjoy making some this weekend.  Just remember that canning recipes are designed and tested to produce a safe product.  Do not alter the recipe in any way.


Food Preparation, Food Preservation, recipes

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    I prefer fresh corn from the farm, especially during harvest time, its always delicious. After looking at the recipes from pickled, i agree that there are very many ways to make a meal delicious.

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