IGFI 2016 Annual City Fiscal Conditions Reports

The IGFI 2016 Annual Fiscal Conditions reports for  all the 945 municipalities in Iowa have been released and are available on the IGFI website. The 2016 reports have few modifications compared to the FYE 2015 reports. First, the format of the figures in the 2016 reports have been presented differently. Instead of the trend lines, the updated reports use histogram to represent either the per capita or aggregate estimates for the selected indicators in the revenue and expenditure categories. For the 2016 reports, we use the time period 2012-16 to illustrate the trends across all the financial indicators. The legislative updates include changes made at the state level that impact municipalities. The updated reports also include the latest U.S. Census data for 2016. With access to more data now, more cities have fully populated indicators spanning five years. Once we have access to the FYE 2018 data, all 945 cities will have a completed report. As of now, complete reports are available for those cities that had responded to our invitation to share historical AFR data until 2012.