Local Leaders Urge End to Shutdown, Discuss Effects

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Local leaders on a press call today discussed the effects of the government shutdown and urged Congress and the president to forge a compromise and end it.

Click here for a recording of today’s press call.

The following are quotes from speakers on today’s call:

Fred M. Hall, Northwest Iowa Extension Dairy Specialist, Iowa State University Extension:
“A solution is in the best interest of all Americans. … Animal agriculture needs an effective immigration policy. The current uncertainty is bad for the country and destabilizes a safe food supply.”

Armando Ibarra, Government Affairs Consultant for the Greater Miami and the Beaches Hotel Association:
“Our greater Miami economy depends in a large part on our legal immigrant workforce, including many Temporary Protected Status recipients and DACA recipients. … We encourage Congress and the president to work on reaching a quick solution that keeps our country secure and protects TPS and DACA recipients.”

Dr. Thomas Smith, Economist, Emory University in Atlanta:
“I’m fearful that a decrease in consumer spending could get people into a mood where they stop spending long-term. Those could have very significant ripple effects in our economy. … My biggest fear is that this kind of shutdown, a continued shutdown, will lead to more fears about our economic strength.”

Chief Todd Thomas, Appleton, Wisconsin, Police Department:
“It took us about a year to finally recoup the funding that we lost during that brief shutdown [in 2018]. That was a year where we didn’t have money to fund heroin and methamphetamine investigations and … to provide some equipment for our officers. It is also extremely disappointing to me that some of my colleagues in law enforcement are still working and not getting paid.”

Jacinta Ma, Director of Policy and Advocacy, National Immigration Forum:
“An ongoing partial government shutdown is unacceptable. The longer it continues, the more individuals it will impact. The president and Congress can end this shutdown by finding a narrow bipartisan agreement that reopens the government, ensures our nation’s security, and provides a solution for DACA and TPS recipients who are contributing to our nation.”

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