Celebrate June Dairy Month with a Farm Tour, Food and Activities at Hickory Hill Farms on June 14

Hickory Hill Farms and Western Iowa Dairy Alliance Invite Public to Free, Family-Friendly Event

Dairy farmers across western Iowa are inviting the public to a family-friendly event at Hickory Hill Farms near Hospers, Iowa, to celebrate June Dairy Month. The annual event will include a dairy farm tour, free meal and activities from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 14. The farm is located at 4045 400th St, Hospers, Iowa. This June Dairy Month event is sponsored by Western Iowa Dairy Alliance.

Visitors will tour Hickory Hills Farms, including opportunities to see where cows are milked, where they are housed and fed plus learn about the role of milk and dairy products in a healthy diet. Veterinarians, dairy nutritionists, dairy farmers and other experts will be available to answer questions. “We are excited to invite everyone to celebrate June Dairy Month with us by touring the Dairy Farm and seeing where the dairy products they enjoy get their start,” stated Steve Meissner of Hickory Hill Farms, “Great-tasting dairy products start with healthy, comfortable cows, and we look forward to sharing how we care for animals and the land.”

The Meissner’s started milking in the 1890s with Great-Great Grandpa William Meissner in Sussex, WI. Today Steve and Scott Meissner are currently milking 4000 cows two times a day in a double 32 parlor. Cows are housed in a freestall barn with fiber bedding and 24 hour access to feed and water, and the dairy is committed to using the latest technology, resources and talent of employees in producing high quality milk while protecting the environment and providing a positive way of life for its employees.

Following the tour, guests will enjoy a free cheeseburger meal, as well as milk and ice cream. We are honored to have the Iowa Dairy Princess, along with Dairy Ambassador’s attending the event. Plus you will have the chance to meet dairy calves! In addition, there will be kid’s activities, educational display’s, a machinery display and much more!

June Dairy Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the efforts of Iowa’s dairy farmers as they deliver a wholesome and nutritious supply of milk and dairy products and make a significant contribution to the state’s economy and rural communities. Dairy is the fifth largest agricultural business in Iowa, generating $5.6 billion a year in economic activity from farming to dairy processing, supplying 22,000 jobs with a labor income of $891 million. The annual economic impact of a single dairy cow is more than $25,400 per cow.

For more information about the open house, visit www.wiadairy.com or “Western Iowa Dairy Alliance” on Facebook. Please visit MidwestDairy.com for more stories from the farm, dairy nutrition information and dairy recipes.

Western Iowa Dairy Alliance is a non-profit organization working as an advocate for the dairy producer and all those who support this industry with commitment and integrity, allowing us to bring the very best, most nourishing products to market, every day. For more information, visit www.wiadairy.com

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