Quick Facts About Dairy Revenue Protection

 Quick Facts About Dairy Revenue Protection (Dairy RP)

  • Dairy RP is a new RMA-backed crop insurance product which allows you to protect against falling milk prices.
  • Dairy RP is subsidized from 44% to 59%. The 95% coverage level will receive a 44% subsidy.
  • Dairy RP can be purchased any business day except holidays and 3 USDA dairy report days per month.
  • There are no milk production limits.
  • Premium due at end of the quarter.
  • It can be used even if you have MPP.
  • The pricing options include Class III, Class IV and components.
  • You can buy quarterly coverage for 5 quarters. For example, the first 5 quarters offered will be: Jan, Feb, Mar 2019 — April, May, June 2019 — July, Aug, Sept 2019 — Oct, Nov, Dec 2019 and Jan, Feb, Mar 2020.
  • There are no commissions or fees paid by you.

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